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May 1981

Brian Malanaphy graduates from SUNY College at Purchase, New York and moves to Hawaii.

July 1982

Mr. Malanaphy starts as a computer operator trainee, operating an IBM 4341 mainframe computer for Hawaiian Insurance Companies in Honolulu.  The computer room looks like the bridge of the Starship Enterprise.  The room is secured and off-limits to staff programmers.  There is one punch card machine in the room, and the room itself is refered to as "the machine room".

August 1983

Upon returning to New York, Mr. Malanaphy starts with Arthur Andersen & Co. in midtown Manahattan as a systems operator in their IT department.  Supported equipment includes Microdata Reality and Sequel systems, and an IBM RJE system.  The data entry deparment consist of 15 people - who enter timecards, job sheduling sheets and various other documents.  In 1983 the first shipment of a half a dozen IBM 8086 PCs arrive at Arthur Andersen, and the auditors start to use VisiCalc.

June 1989 - Start of Professional Information Systems Consulting

Mr. Malanaphy begins working as a staff consultant for Arthur Andersen, providing professional information technology consulting services to Andersen's clients.  

December 1994

Upon returning to Hawaii, Mr. Malanaphy starts with Deloitte & Touche, LLP and provides professional information technology consulting services to Deloitte's clients.

September 2002

Mr. Malanaphy takes a temporary position with Diamond Bakery as the Director of IT to implement their new ERP system.

July 2003

Malanaphy Consulting, LLC is founded by Brian Malanaphy to provide quality consulting services primarily to the Hawaii marketplace.

Mr. Malanaphy is also the former president of the Honolulu Chapter of the AITP (Association of Information Technology Professionals), and has written numerous articles and has been a featured guest on local information technology radio shows.


With over 25 years of professional information systems consulting experience, Malanaphy Consulting provides quality consulting services to numerous local Hawaii clients and to select mainland clients.  Malanaphy Consulting does not resell software or hardware and has no affiliations with any software or hardware companies.   Malanaphy Consulting simply provides objective consulting services - services that you can trust, and that are based upon years of hands-on experience.

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