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Additional Services



Malanaphy Consulting provides additional consulting services for less common but equaly important information systems projects.

Strategic Information Systems Planning

Sometimes an organization needs to take a step back and look at all their systems and consider them from within the framework of their overall business strategy, and how well they support that strategy.   A Strategic Information Systems Planning project seeks to determine the gap between an organization's strategic plan and how well their existing systems support that strategy.

During a Strategic Information Systems Planning project an inventory of existing systems is taken and compared to the typical systems that would support the organization's strategic plan.  If those systems are incapable, or only partially capable, of supporting the organization's strategic direction, the extent of the gap will be identified and documented.  After the gap is determined, IT projects are identified and qualified for their ability to address the gap.  The outcome of a Strategic Information Systems Planning project is to determine, budget and prioritize those IT projects that will close the gap.

eBusiness Strategy

An eBusiness Strategy is required prior to investing in web-based system for customers, suppliers or internal personnel.  eBusiness initiatives need to compliment and extend an organization's business goals.  Sometimes a seemingly obvious eBusiness initiative may in fact be mis-guided, too costly or too risky to purse.

By performing an eBusiness Strategy project, the highest priority and most reasonable eBusiness initiatives can be identified, budgeted and pursued for the highest ROI and best fit with overall business strategy.  

IT Project Management

When an organization has an important IT project to complete, on time and on budget, but it doesn't have or cannot hire a full time project manager, Malanaphy Consulting can provide interim IT Project Management services.  Experienced and seasoned IT project management is critical to the success of costly IT projects, and Malanaphy Consulting can provide the IT Project Management services you need to help see your project through successful completion.   

Quality Assurance Services

Do you have an important project that you've hired outside consultants, or vendors to complete?  Malanaphy Consulting provides Quality Assurance Services to monitor the performance of outside consultants or vendors, and to assure that checks and balances are in place to address potential project issues.  As part of Quality Assurance Services, Malanaphy Consulting will review project status and issues with your consultants, or internal IT team, and will evaluate, prioritize and report on key project risks and issues.   Malanaphy Consulting will also make recommendations and actively participate in the resolution of issues to help assure that your project is a success.

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