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Network Services


Malanaphy Consulting provides network design and implementation services to assure that your network infrastructure properly supports your enterprise software application and business requirements.

Network Systems

Requirements Analysis

A prerequisite to beginning the design or upgrade of a new local or wide area network is to perform a Requirements Analysis project.  The goal of a Requirements Analysis project is to determine and document the network requirements that will meet you business objectives and goals.  Network requirements cover the following areas:

1.  Bandwidth.  How fast do you need to move your data between locations?

2.  Data Types.  Are you moving application data, voice data or multimedia data or all three?

2.  Redundancy.  How long can you afford for your network to be down should an outage occur?

3.  Wiring/Fiber.  Do you need wiring or fiber installed?  Is your existing wiring up to spec?

4.  Wireless layout.  Where should the wireless access points be located to provide consistent coverage?

5.  Security.  Do you have special security requirements?

6.  Management.  What capabilities do you need to manage your network?

These and other requirements are identified, documented and confirmed to assure that your network infrastructure will best meet your needs.  

Network Design

After understanding and documenting your network requirements, a formal Network Design project assures that the right network is designed to meet your business objectives and goals.  Depending on the size and extent of the network design an RFP (Request For Proposal) may need to be developed in order to objectively evaluate different network equipment vendors offerings, and to provide a competitive quotes from those vendors.

A Network Design project is often a follow-on phase to the Requirements Analysis project.  During a Network Design project, specific vendor equipment is identified and reviewed to determine the best equipment to meet your budget and network requirements.

Network Implementation

Once the network is designed, and vendor equipment selected, a Network Implementation project is performed to install the network.  Prior to installing the network, a migration plan is completed to coordinate the migration of users onto the new or upgraded network.  During Network Implementation, the wiring, and/or wireless, infrastructure is installed and tested, and the network servers, routers, switches and other equipment is installed, configured and tested.  Finally the network topology, configuration, security plan and other aspects of the network are documented.

Ongoing Support

Ongoing Support services provide support for your new network after it is in daily use.  If your company doesn't already have its own, internal IT personnel to support the network, Malanaphy Consulting can provide ongoing support services on an as-needed basis.  Ongoing Suport services can include end-user support, troubleshooting, installation of network patches and upgrades, network enhancement, or other services.  

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